About ThinkCrowdFund.com

ThinkCrowdFund.com partners with crowdfunding portals, crowdlending portals, banks, micro lenders, economic development agents and community based organizations to empower entrepreneurs and business owners to fill their funding gap. Our business advising, training, campaign management and SafeCrowd digital learning platform are designed to help you manage your reward crowdfunding, equity crowdfunding and crowdlending campaigns or economic development initiatives.

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ThinkCrowdFund.com Executive Advisory Committee

Rick Galloway, CEO – InkMyCause and Advanced Net Labs
Brian Meece, Founder and Former CEO – RocketHub.com
Bob Wright, Attorney – Wright and Connatser, PLLC
Dale Gilliam, CEO – Troubadour Research & Consulting
Richard Carrizales, Director – City of Dallas B.R.A.I.N.
Lance McNeill, Crowdfunding Expert and Author – City of Austin
Marty Martinez, Co-Founder – Social Revolt Marketing